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Refresher Driving Lessons

If you've lost your confidence behind the wheel, or if it's been a long time since you last drove a car, you might find that taking a Refresher Driving Course will help you brush up your skills, become a safer driver, and regain your confidence behind the wheel.

Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions, but if you have any other questions or queries, or if you'd like to book a course of Refresher Driving Lessons, don't hesitate to contact us on 01843 231800 today.

Do you ever feel nervous or intimidated when driving?

More and more, driving is becoming an essential part of everybody’s daily routine. From driving to work, to picking the kids up from school, millions of us take to the road every day, and whilst driving is usually fun and exciting, it can sometimes become a very stressful chore, especially during the rush hour traffic.

Often after having an extremely stressful experience on the road, it's easy to loose confidence behind the wheel, and in some severe cases, even be put off from driving altogether.

A refresher driving course is designed to rebuild your confidence behind the wheel, and give you back that thrill you felt when you first passed your driving test.

Would you benefit from a Refresher Driving Course?

The vast majority of people who have been driving for a number of years would fail a driving test if they were to re-sit it today. If you feel that you've picked up some bad habits that you’d like to get rid of, or if you feel that you'd like to brush up your driving skills, then a refresher course would be perfect for you.

You may also benefit from a refresher course if you've lost confidence behind the wheel, whether due to a bad experience on the road, or even if it’s just been a long time since you last drove a car.

How many lessons will you need?

The short answer is, as many as you like. You won’t have to sit any sort of test, so you'll simply need as many lessons as you'd like until you feel confident behind the wheel once again.

How can a Refresher Course save you money?

After years of driving, it’s easy to pick up bad habits, often without even realising. On your refresher course, we'll teach you the most up-to-date driving techniques which will help you to dramatically increase your fuel economy, as well as increasing the life of your car by teaching you methods of driving which will reduce wear and tear of your brakes, clutch and gears.