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Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving lessons are the most popular type of driving lessons for learner drivers. Unlike driving an Automatic vehicle, in a manual car you'll learn how to operate gears by using a Clutch Pedal and a Gear Stick to select the right gear at the right time.

The majority of learners take lessons in a manual car, and it's very likely that your first car will have manual transmission.  Once you've passed your driving test in a manual car, you'll also be qualified to drive cars with automatic transmission too, but if you learn in an automatic car you'll only be able to drive other automatic cars. You'll also find that manual cars are generally cheaper to buy and run than automatic cars, so by learning in a manual car, you could save money in the long run.

Why learn to drive with us?

  • All of our driving instructors are highly trained professionals
  • You will learn to drive at a pace that suits you
  • Your driving lessons will be taught on a one-to-one basis
  • All of our driving instructors use modern, dual-controlled cars
  • All of our driving instructors are CRB vetted
  • You'll only be taught by patient, friendly and encouraging driving instructors

Manual Lesson Prices

  • 1 Hour - £28
  • 2 Hours - £53
  • 5 Hours - £130
  • 10 Hours - £250
  • 20 Hours - £500
  • 25 Hours - £610
  • 30 Hours - £725